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Korcula Island Walking & Wine Tasting Guest Reviews

Once again, thank you for a terrific day of walking, wine tasting, eating, and conversation. We're still talking about it!

Dave, September 2017


We wanted to thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous day yesterday.

We really, really enjoyed ourselves.  I know you were a bit worried that 9 people may have been too many but I thought it was a great group and we all got on very well with each other.

It was just great.

Mike & Lisa, June 2017


I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic day in Korcula. We all had a wonderful time! Here's a link to my blog post about our day...


Cindy, May 2017


Sonia & Eldon September 2016

We had a fantastic time on the tour and will certainly take the time to leave a review on trip advisor as well as recommending to any friends who travel to Croatia. We also found your business and story really inspiring! We will be in touch next time we're in Croatia.


Sam September 2016

We had such a great time on the walking wine tour last week! Thank you again for showing us a fun evening. I left a review on Trip advisor, and if we find ourselves back in Croatia, we will look you up!


Tai September 2016

We had a great time the rest of our trip.  Thank you so much for everything.  I just wrote a review on trip advisor about the walking tour and the boat trip with Mario. At some point when we find our way back to Korcula, we will definitely get in touch for more fun ideas, and some wine!!  And if you find yourself in Denver for any reason, give us a shout.


Eoin September 2016

We had a great relaxing time on Korcula and have to say the wine and walking tour was by far the highlight, it was relaxed, friendly and informative tour and we really enjoyed it.I most certainly will leave a rave review of the tour on tripadvisor, fully deserved. I think your idea of having the culinary tour is also a winner - would definitely be interested in that. If you were able to combine actually eating the local delicacies with some hands on cooking (making bread etc) sounds like a great tour also.

Anyway I wish you both all the best with the business, and who knows we may be back again because Croatia definitely has a special meaning now!


Paul September 2016

Been back a week and it has rained every day so you made the right choice to live in Korcula ! We both enjoyed the walk and then to see the small winery and try their offerings.


Guy September 2016

I thought the tour was great. Thanks again for fitting me in at the last minute


Alan & Christine Walking & Wine Tasting August 2016

We had a fantastic time on the walking tour. Now that we are home and people ask what the highlight of our trip was, we tell them without hesitation it was Korula and the walking wine tour! We thoroughly enjoyed listening to John tell us about wine in production in the area (we thoroughly enjoyed his wit and sense of humour!! A lot like our own.)  and although it was freaking hot, it was fun. We loved the game two truths and a lie at dinner (morphing in to 2 lies and a truth!) and it was great to get to know the other couples in the group. It was also a nice ending having drinks with John and 2 of the other couples at the Korula Hotel upon conclusion of this fun tour!!

The two of you have a dream job in the midst of a  beautiful location. We wish you all the best and we will strongly encourage our friends to visit Korula and take part in your fantastic tours!

Also.....Christine was very thankful on the demonstration of how to remove the bones from a grilled fish. She is now very proud of this skill as it came in handy later in our travels!! Thanks again. Korula was my favourite place in our travels on this trip to Croatia.


Lisette August 2016

We indeed enjoyed the rest of our stay in Croatia!  What a beautiful country...no wonder you opted to stay!! Thank you for an amazing time last week.  It really was my favorite part of the trip, believe it or not. I have written a review and wish you and Jon the best.  You guys are totally inspiring!  Dan and I hope to one day work up the courage to live abroad and start our own business.


Tara & Kellsie August 2016

Thank you so much for the amazing wine night in Korcula! The company, wine, food and setting couldn't have been more perfect. We will be sure to write a review when we get back to the states. We hope to make it back to Korcula soon and will definitely be in touch when we do :)


Anne & Pekka August 2016

Thank you for the most wonderful wine tasting evening.  We enjoyed the whole time and cant remember when we have laught so much.  We are in Dubvrovnik now but my hart stayed at Korcula. I will recommend your services to all my friends and wish you and the whole family all the best in the future. We hope that our juniors catched the ferry to Hvar.


Natalie July 2016

On to the wine tour. Loved, loved, LOVED the wine tour, despite the 40 degrees Celcius temperatures. It was nice learning about the grapes and the history of the region, sampling red and white wines as well as the cherry liquor we purchased at the first winery. We are down to one bottle of GRK which we are saving. It's too good to share! Lol! The food was also very good and I miss the delicious cheeses, tomatoes, olives and ham. I would go back in a heartbeat just to eat! The company was also excellent


James July 2016

Thank you so much for a wonderful time yesterday and the day before. We loved getting to see parts of the island that we would not have otherwise. Everything was so relaxing, you do a great job of making the process so easy for your guests.


Kati & Dominik July 2016

we have to thank YOU for the awesome tour! We had a wonderful time with you and we are thinking back on the wonderful hours much often. :-) Of course, I will send you the link of the blogpost when it's ready and we will write a review on TripAdvisor, too. We would love to come back and see you again! Korcula is such a beautiful place on earth...

All the best for you and your family!


Noel & Jen June 2016

"Thanks again for a really excellent day yesterday. Very enjoyable and will be sure to write a good trip advisor review.

Have a great summer with all your visitors and we'll hopefully see you again in Korcula."


Steph & Martin June 2016

"It was good to meet you.  We enjoyed our tour so much we returned to the same wineries on the Monday!"


Michelle June 2016

I had such a great day today.  Thanks for the tour and thanks for coordinating our travel back to town.


Amy May 2016

"We had a great time on the tour, and will do a review when we are home later tonight.

We have loved our time in Croatia and we are already talking about coming back again, to explore hvar and korcula more. "


Chris May 2016

"Thanks for taking us on the tour yesterday! We had a lovely time meeting you and enjoying a leisurely day with wine and great scenery."


Keerthi May 2016

"We had a lovely time- truly it was the best day we had. We will make sure to write a review in Trip Advisor- people need to know to spend more time in Korkula! The fish was delicious- if only we could find it.."


Katarina September 2015

“Walk and winetour - 10 of 10 Trip, Walt and food at Belin Zrnovo - 10 of 10”


Jan & Anne September 2015

“We had a great time and have also recommended it to friends who are thinking about visiting Croatia next year. It was Avery friendly tour and we used the fact that it was oval and non commercial. One suggestion would be to be more explicit about footwear. I'm sure Ashley thought her sandals were comfortable and suitable for uneven terrain, in Brooklyn that is! We really enjoyed your commentary and your company. All the best to you and John.”


Dizie & Willy September 2015

“We had a great time on the Walking and Wine tour.  We really enjoyed your company.  We will never forget sharing a dirty glass of Grappa with Rocco's dad.  What an experience.  There was such a nice selection of wines to taste...and lots of it.  It was very nice to have the appetizer plate to accompany our first tasting spot. It was a nice combination of people. We hope to see you again.  We loved Croatia!”


Sean September 2015

"Thank you for the message - I had an excellent stay in Korcula and the walking tour was fantastic.  It was an interesting group of folks.”


Dave & Nikki September 2015

“We just got home , by god it's flippin freezing lol :) , thank you so much for the two trips we booked with yourselves , they were both lots of fun and we will recommend them to others , we will also review on trip advisor once we have got back into the swing of things , thanks John you were a great guide”


Michael September 2015

“Thank you for all your efforts on the tour. We both enjoyed ourselves greatly and within the next week, plan to post a positive review on Trip Advisor.”


Kaitlin August 2015

“We had a wonderful evening! The wine was tasty (and flowed freely!), the fish was perfectly cooked at dinner, and the conversation/information was great. We truly had a blast!”

Evan August “I think we had a great time, thanks again! The wineries were great and the views spectacular. I will leave a review for sure.”


Nicola and Dale August 2015

“Just a quick thanks as well for making the wine tour so fab yesterday-was really great meeting you and we both had an excellent time (minus the slight hangover this morning :p)”

Kerry August “Thank you for all the info Rachael, and for organising the tour. It was a really fun evening, and great to meet everyone. My head is certainly a little fuzzy this morning! Rachael- I hope John let you have a lie in! Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the tour. The pre-tour information and joining instructions were very clear. We found the tour itself informative in terms of the history of the area and the wine-making, and liked the fact that the group was no bigger than 8 as it gave us the opportunity to ask questions. The two vineyards were great, and we especially enjoyed the local food at the first. If there was any opportunity for the wine makers or someone from the family to talk about how they make the wine in their vineyard then that would make it even better. Wishing you and John all the best in your ventures in Korcula.”


Kim August 2015

“Thanks for a fantastic wine tour Rachael! I didn't think I was still capable of sleeping in til noon, but I think that 17%red did me in!”


Rebecca August 2015

“We both had a great time on the tour, enjoyed all parts of it. I don't really have any feedback as to how you can improve as think you're already doing a very good job! We particularly liked that it was so informal and didn't matter that we hadn't been wine tasting before or know that much about wine other than that we enjoy it! I will leave a very well deserved tripadvisor review for you. I hope you've continued to have a successful summer! If we return to Korcula, we'll definitely be in touch.“


Chin Chi August 2015

“We had a great time on the tour. Korcula turned out to be our favorite location throughout our trip in Croatia!”


Max & Laura August 2015

“Thanks again for such a lovely tour, we had a great time and won’t forget it any time soon! A review was the least that I could do. All the best for the future!”


Keri August 2015

“I meant to email you as soon as we got back to tell you that yes, we had an amazing time on the wine tour! The three of us thought that the whole evening (walking, wine, food!) was excellent.Thank you for the great time and hope to see you again soon!”


Avril & Ian August 2015

“Both Ian and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening - we had such soar heads the next day though - me particularly.  COULD NOT FUNCTION!!!  Wishing you guys all the success in the world! I can for see you doing so well in everything you do.”


Dawn & Pete June 2015

“Thanks for your email - review submitted!  We rated it excellent as we had such a good time and you were a great host!  It was a highlight of our holiday. We'll definitely be in touch if we come back to Korcula in the future."


Marta & Andy June 2015

“Just to say thanks again for yesterday, we had a really great time. Hope we get to do it again some time.”


Tony and Ramona June 2015

“We leave Croatia this evening but before we do just wanted to tell John how much we enjoyed our wine tasting tour last week. It was such a perfect evening weatherwise and many thanks indeed for the boat trip as it was just perfect. We feel we know much more about local wine now and the places we visited were excellent. I will do a proper review when we get home but this is more of a personal thanks for such a good experience. Good luck to you both in your chosen life style.”


Mollie July 2015

“Walking and Wine Tasting Tour with Rachael was the highlight of our stay!”


Claire & Brooke July 2015

“Thank you for your follow-up email and more importantly for the amazing wine tour, which was the highlight of our trip! It was such a great evening – Brooke and I both felt that it was like catching up with a friend and being taken to a favorite local place! I have provided a review on TripAdvisor and would highly recommend Korcula Explorer to anyone visiting."


Alex & Emma July 2015

“We really enjoyed the tour, so thank you very much! We learned a lot about wine, found some Croatian wines we really enjoyed, thought the dinner was superb, and had a lot of fun. We'll definitely be in touch if (hopefully when) we are back in Korcula - at the moment we are wishing we were still there..."


Karen July 2015

“We had the best time on our walk - one of the highlights of our holiday.  I have already left a review and pics on Tripadvisor which should be published shortly”


James July 2015

“Thanks very much for the tour, Kelly and I had a great time due to the good food, good wine, and good company”


Suzy July 2015

“We absolutely loved our tour and it was a highlight of our 3 week vacation. The amount of walking was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking and the three places we stopped were great. I am not a wine drinker but Stan really enjoyed the wine and we both thought the dinner was delicious. The last stop on the beach was tons of fun as well. The length of the excursion was great and the transportation worked perfectly as well.   But, the best part of the excursion was you! Your warmth, knowledge, organization, and openness about life in Korcula as well as your ability to get the whole group to interact really made the excursion award winning. Your formula is perfect!”


Anna July 2015

“We had a lovely evening yesterday - thank you very much! We both felt slightly iffy this morning but a shot of grappa and some sea urchin sushi sorted us right out!”


Marina & Florian July 2015

“It was a really great day with you! The wine tour was fantastic! Thank you for all! We wish you a good time in future and send only the best to you and John!”


Sarah June 2015

“We had a lovely time on both the wine tour with you, and the fishing trip with Mario.  I'll review both on Trip Advisor when I get chance.  I'll be recommending a visit to Lumbarda to so many people. What a beautiful place!  We didn't want to leave. I'll also be recommending Korcula Explorer.”


Carlene & Matt June 2015

“We can't say enough good things about the walking and wine tour. It was a lovely evening, with lovely company. Thanks so much for your hospitality. It was a pleasure! I hope we make it back to Korcula one day. In the meantime, we will recommend the tour to our friends and leave a Trip Advisor review when we get home."


Heather & Bob June 2015

“We really enjoyed our wine tour last week. The walk gave us an insight into the island and its people which we wouldn't otherwise have had. The food and wine was great at both wineries . Cocktails on the beach rounded off a super day. Thank you so much and best of luck with your future enterprises.”


Liz, September 2014

"We thoroughly enjoyed your tour and would say it was the highlight of an excellent holiday."


Susanna, September 2014

"On behalf of the crew I would like to thank you both for a fantastic and memorable wine tour in Korcula.

You gave us a great tour and we all felt very relaxed during the whole evening. It was also nice to learn about the local life, culture and of course wines! It was very nice of John to take us out afterwards to.

We hope you both had as enjoyable time as we did and would like to share a few pictures with you."


Don and Madelon, September 2014

"We just got to our room, ferry was great. We really enjoyed our experience yesterday, thanks for the information."


Melissa & Maggie, September 2014

"We had a wonderful time on our two trips with you... We had such a great time! And you two were so responsive, professional and fun to share a table with. "


Mary & family, September 2014

"We just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed your tour.  It was definitely a highlight of our visit to Korcula.  You are both such warm and knowledgeable hosts,  and it was so wonderful to see a little of Korcula off the beaten path.  We could never have had that experience without you!"


Blanca, August 2014

"I only wanted to say the walking wine tasting tour and dinner was the highlight of our trip. We also learnt so much from Rachael about what life is like in Korcula and felt lucky we enjoyed a homemade dinner :)

Hope things are going well, we are both now back in (somewhat sunny) busy London..."


Suzanne, September 2014

"Thanks for a really great afternoon, evening.  Great wine, delicious food and fun company - a perfect evening on a beautiful island.

Thanks for letting us book last minute, we had a blast."


"Thank you ever so much for everything. It was absolute pleasure to spend some time in your company with wine tasting and good food. The experience we had with you is amazing.,,, we really enjoyed and you both are very nice host. "


Pat, August 2014

"Thank you very much for showing us Korkula and the two wineries yesterday.  We really enjoyed it and it was lovely to see a little more of the island in a relaxed and informative way."


Meghan & Jeff, August 2014

"It was great to meet you last week on our visit to Korcula.  We both really enjoyed the walk and wine tour and additional information about the island and people living there.  Of all the islands we visited, we knew the least about Korcula initially and it was very helpful and interesting to learn more about it, as well as your journey in creating your company and living there.

The small group format was a nice change from the larger group tours usually offered.  It was also beneficial to have the opportunity to talk to others about their travel experiences. The locations (even though one was different than the usual winery you visit) was beautiful and the food was wonderful.  We were just commenting that the meal was one of the best we had while in Croatia.  After looking at your website, we wish we would have had the opportunity to go on other types of tours while visiting.  

Thanks again, and best wishes in the future!"


Andrew & Leila, August 2014

"Thanks again for the tour, it was really one of the highlights of our trip. I'll be sure to put a review on tripadvisor for you, and yep if we ever make it back (which I hope we do) we will be sure to come on another tour."


Rachel, August 2014

"It was wonderful meeting you and we had an amazing time on our wine tour with you, despite the changes. I have been on many wine tours and yours by far was the most personal. You really went above and beyond to accommodate our travel to and from Hvar and coordinate with the wineries for earlier visits. The wineries were beautiful, the wine was delicious, and the lunch was one of the best we had during our trip. Now that our trip is over, I can genuinely say that our day with you in Lumbarda was one of the best days of our trip. If I ever come back to Croatia I'd definitely plan to spend several days on Korcula. As Croatia is becoming a more popular vacation spot for New Yorkers, I will definitely be recommending a visit to Korcula and your wine tour."


Katy, August 2014

"It was lovely to meet you too. The wine tasting was excellent, informal but interesting as well - a highlight of our holiday."


Reagan, August 2014

"Thanks for checking in. We absolutely loved your tour. In fact we told numerous people about it on the other parts of our travels. Having the traditional food pairings with the wine was excellent as was the end on the beach bar. I would absolutely do your tour again"


Per, July 2014

"Thank you very much for a wonderful wine tasting tour! We all had a great time, and managed to get up in the morning too!

I thought long and hard about possible improvements, but came up with nothing. The set up, from booking to payment and organization, worked perfectly for us. The boat ride in the end absolutely improved on the overall experience and was one of the more appreciated moments of the trip. "


Corrie, July 2014

"We had a delightful time on the tour with you and the other couple, despite the uncooperative weather!  As a traveler, it is always nice to connect with like minded people, and tours provide that experience, especially with knowledgeable, excited, and fully engaged guides."


Sarah & Katie, July 2014

"Katie and I had a wonderful time on our tour with you, I think it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip and we would love to come back to Korcula island someday. The walking and wine tour was everything we wanted, so I don't know if I have anything to change, but it's clear that you both genuinely care about the island and the people we met and we both really appreciated that."


Liz & Fredo, July 2014

"We had a wonderful time with you guys! Thanks again for a wonderful experience! I will truly miss it!"


Meenu, July 2014

"Sorry for the late reply ! We had a lovely time in Korcula with you guys, we cannot stop talking about the wine tasting and the tour !"


Robin & Dennis, June 2014

"Thanks for the email, we had a fabulous afternoon with you."


Stephanie, May 2014

"Thank you again for all your help leading up to our visit and for showing us such a great time in Korcula/Lumbarda.  It was so nice to get to know you.  Good luck to you as you continue to grow your business!"


Lyn & Philip, May 2014

Just to say how much we enjoyed your Walking and Wine Tasting tour last Sunday.

It was really special - a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Thank you both so much and we hope others will get to hear about the tour and enjoy it as much as we did.


Brian & family, August 2013

"We absolutely loved the tour. The food was great, the wine was spectacular, and the scenery was so beautiful. The best part however was getting to meet new friends and the conversations we had over all that great wine! ...these were all memories that made the evening one that we will remember fondly. On top of all that, the fact that you took special care of our son and always considered his needs in the planning of the tour made us feel like you were family friends just having us over for a bit of food and win- not a tour company shuffling us through on just another excursion. "


Mike & Tomoko, August 2013

"We thoroughly enjoyed our wine walking tour"


Liz, July 2013

"Amazing winery dinner with local ingredients! Thank you, Korcula Explorers for a wonderful night!"


Sean & Renee, July 2013

"I would recommend their wine tour, it was lots of fun and it gives you a chance to meet your fine hosts!"


Katarina, July 2013

"So really loved this tour: perfect weather, wine, food and people."

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