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Korcula Town and Korcula Old Town

• An abundance of restaurants and bars in close proximity.

• Within easy reach of bus and ferry terminals to airport towns of Split and Dubrovnik. 

• Busy vibe day and night, with a number of venues playing live music in the evening.

• Immediate access to islets and mainland, ideal for Croatia island hopping

• Korcula (encompassing Korcula Old Town) is small and can be navigated by foot, so you can easily

         walk into the centre of town from all of our Korcula holiday accommodation.

Wander the 26 narrow cobbled streets of Korcula old town and indulge in the outstanding architecture, from the majestic Gothic-Baroque Cathedral of St Mark to the Venetian inspired palace of the Gabrielis family, which now houses the Town Museum. Discover the tales of the explorer Marco Polo by visiting his family home or learn about Korcula’s religious traditions by visiting the many churches, Icon Museum and Abbey Treasury. Complete your tour by walking the circumference of this enchanting old town and marvel at the historic towers, ensuring you climb the Revelin Tower for the views. Our self guided Instagram Tour will help you take in the best sites.


Make your way to the highest point in Korcula Old Town; to the top of St Mark's Cathedral. The climb up the narrow spiral staircase to the bell tower will provide you with spectacular panoramic views of the town, the Peljesac and the stunning Adriatic Sea.

Take a leisurely stroll along the road leading west from Korcula old town, named Sveti Nikola to the small bay of Medvinjak. En-route you can visit the Dominican Convent, St Nicholas’ church and monastery and the Memorial Art Gallery of the Croatian artist Maximilian Vanka.


Located in the rich forests behind Korcula town lies a British built Forteca constructed in 1813 called Fort Wellington. Unfortunately you can no longer climb the stairs inside the tower, but the views over Korcula Old Town on the walk back down are fantastic. Read our tips for visiting Forteca.


A fifteen minute ferry boat will take you over to the shores of Orebic, on the mainland peninsula of Peljesac. If you are in the mood for relaxing, enjoy one of its many pleasant beaches or for those in need of action, hike the 996m up Mount St Ilija for unparalleled views of the Korcula Archipelago.


Water taxis frequently ferry people back and forth to the nearby islands of Badija, Stupa and Vrnik. Usually less populated than the beaches surrounding Korcula, here you will find some great spots to soak up the sun for an afternoon.


Located about a 25 minute walk from Korcula old town, perched on a hill is the peaceful church of St Antun. Climbing the 101 cypress lined steps is very rewarding and the snaps you will be able to take looking down at Korcula old town are a must for the photo album. Be sure to stop at the nearby Konoba Malta for great local food and fruit brandies. 


You can take many pleasant walks or bike rides around Korcula island, but the main draw is the crystal blue waters enclosing it. Experience the stillness of the Adriatic by hiring a kayak or boat and navigate your way around Korcula or to the nearby islets. Alternatively relax whilst someone else takes you around the archipelago on a leisurely boat trip.


As well as trying local food and drink specialities at one of the restaurants, part of your night-time activity must consist of watching the sword dance Moreska, performed at the summer theatre twice a week during peak season.


Listen to the harmonious voices of Klapa singing groups, generally single sex groups of friends singing traditional songs in a cappella, very popular in Croatia. The sound of the Korcula female group, Klapa Tiramol, is spine-tingling beautiful.


There are lots of gift and craft shops lining the alleyways of Korcula Old Town. From paintings and pictures drawn from local artists, to beautifully carved stone souvenirs, to delicately molded filigree silver jewellery; there are plenty of shopping and browsing opportunities!

July 29th - Patron Saint's Day of Korcula

All of Korcula's inhabitants join in with the celebrations on Saint Theodore's Day. A large procession around the town marks the occasion along with other festive and cultural activities. Of course a performance of the legendary Moreska is included.

Moreska is a sword dance which has been performed on Korcula for more than 400 years and symbolises the battle between Christians and Moslems during the Middle Ages. The white king’s fiancée “Bula” is kidnapped by the black king. Swords clash, the footsteps of the performers and the tempo of the music quickens. Who will be victorious?

You can catch a performance of the Moreska during the summer season. See www.visitkorcula.eu for full details.

Explore the Old Town and surrounding area on a self guided Instagram tour. Visit great sites, learn some facts & take some amazing photos.

Korcula has a few small pebble beaches and rocky platforms around the perimeter of the Old Town.


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About Korcula Town and Korcula Old Town

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The town of Korcula is the tourist hub of Korcula Island and attracts most visitors and day trippers. Here you can find a medieval walled old town, with modern quarters stretching east and west along the coast from the centre. There is a bus station, a busy marina and two docks that receive visitors from the various ferries, all which make travelling to Korcula easy. Plenty of wonderful holiday apartments and rooms, many with private balconies & Korcula old town and sea views, can be found around the town.

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