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Getting to Korcula Island

There are a number of transport options to Croatia and then onto Korcula Island and whether you fly, drive or travel by sea, the splendid journey here will be a great start to your holiday. We have provided information about the most common routes to reach the island below. You can also see further travel advice on the Korcula Travel FAQs page.

For an up to date and complete schedule of all airliners flying to Croatia, see Visit Croatia.


Transferring from Dubrovnik Airport to Korcula


First Step: Airport to Dubrovnik Town


- Transfer from airport to Dubrovnik town and main bus station by airport bus, which

   meets all arrival flights and takes approximately 30 minutes.

   For further information see Dubrovnik airport website.


Second Step: Dubrovnik Town to Korcula


- See how to travel between Dubrovnik and Korcula page.


Transferring from Split Airport to Korcula


First Step: Airport to Split Town


- Transfer from airport to Split town by airport bus, which meets all arrival flight and  

  takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

   For further information see Split airport website.


Second Step: Split Town to Korcula, by one of the options below


- See how to travel between Split and Korcula page.

There are a number of ferry crossings from Italy to Dubrovnik or Split; either from Ancona to Split or Bari to Dubrovnik. You can then transfer to Korcula.


How to travel from Split to Korcula

How to travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula


Ferry Crossings


Bari to Dubrovnik with Jadrolinija.


Bari to Dubrovnik and Ancona to Split with Jadrolinija 


Ancona to Split with Blueline Ferries


Ancona to Split with Snav

- Ensure you have a valid driving license, vehicle registration documents, insurance

   (minimum third party) and green card.

- Seatbelts must be worn at all times, by the occupants in the front and back seats.

- Children under 12 cannot ride in the front passenger seat.

- It is illegal to use your mobile phone when driving.

- Dipped headlights must be on during poor visibility and between October to March;

   an on the spot fine will be imposed for non-compliance.

- Compulsory requirements to store in the car include, warning triangle, reflective

   jacket and first aid kit.

There are an increasing number of flights operating to Croatia (including many low cost options). The closest airports to Korcula are Dubrovnik and Split, where you then transfer to the island by public transport.


Alternatively, ask us about private transfers from the airport direct to your accommodation on Korcula Island.

There have been vast improvements in roads throughout Croatia over the last few years and the main roads on Korcula are also good. Ensure you purchase an updated map and check the driving laws in advance.


Some considerations if you are planning on driving,

Croatia Driving Travel Advice by UK FCO:-

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By Air

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By Sea

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By Road

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